Why Investing in Insulated Wall Panels is Worth It

insulated wall panels


insulated wall panels

Insulated wall panels are touted to be better alternatives to traditional construction materials, owing to the various advantages that they offer. Construction professionals and property owners are, thus, advised to try them out for their next projects and reap these benefits.


Energy efficiency. Structural insulated panels can reportedly save properties as much as 14% off their utility bills, as they are designed to be superior in energy efficiency. Some of these panels come with tongue-and-groove edges that make for a tighter fit, especially around the seams. Other panels typically feature joints with concealed fasteners. Additionally, they promote no thermal drift. And if they are used around the entire exterior area of a property, they provide a complete and energy-efficient thermal envelope.


Faster completion. Insulated wall panels can also be assembled on-site faster compared to other construction materials. This is because they usually come in a single sheet and does not require a lot of professional management for customisation.


Cost efficiency. Wall panels may require a higher initial capital outlay, compared to other materials. But they make up for the investment throughout their lifespan. In fact, from the installation itself, you can already look forward to savings since these panels have an excellent strength-to-with ratio. As such, they come with longer spans that can reduce the price of transport for installation. Their engineering also equips them for optimal performance throughout their product life, so that costs for maintenance and operation are reduced.


Making the Most Out of Structural Insulated Panels


To make sure that you cash in on all these advantages and more, it is important to remember a few essentials. This is particularly crucial while you’re choosing your source of professional contractor. There are many companies that can give you the assistance that you need for the proper installation of the product, but do not forget that the quality of the results that you will get will depend on the quality of the help that you commission. So when choosing, make sure that you put in the time and effort required for vetting a company’s experience, assessing its offered solutions, and deciding accordingly.


If you have plans of enhancing the energy efficiency of the product, you can supplement it with other energy-efficient construction materials such as ICFs or formwork for concrete. Companies that deal with these products, in addition to SIPs, are best chosen. It is also important to keep in mind that communication must be present throughout the entire project. So if you have any questions or concerns, make sure that they are relayed to your construction professional. If you are confused about anything – especially about the warranty and product support that come with the panels – get it clarified before proceeding.


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