The Different Types of Oil Drill Rigs for Sale in Australia

If you are in Australia and is looking for drill rigs for sale, there is no need to worry because finding one is easy. Especially if you have needs for oil drills, you can simple choose from the different types available. Oil drill rig is a structure that accommodates various equipment such as drill bits, pipe, derrick, and cables that are needed to extract petroleum down from the surface of the earth. This type of rig can either be land-based or offshore. Though the two locations bring large quantity of oil to the market, offshore drilling types of rigs have been more exposed to the public’s eye.


Types of Oil Drill Rigs for Sale in Australia


This is one of the most used movable drilling structure that have bottom supports. Its main deck area is being supported by open-truss legs. It is capable of drilling up to 350 ft. deep.

There are two different types of equipment that are used on jack-ups. One is cantilevered jack-up which has its drilling derrick positioned on an arm that extends out from the main deck. The other one is the slot-type or also known as keyway jack-up. This one has an opening into the drilling deck and the derrick is positioned on top f it. This unit can be jacked-up on another structure that is smaller in size.



This is also called as semi submersible drilling. The unit floats offshore on giant pontoons or hollow columns. It is then filled with water allowing it to submerge the rig to the predetermined depth.


Fixed Platforms

This is a kind of house drilling rig that opens new development wells. It can also house equipment and can even be connected to the ocean floor. The majority of this type can be found on continental shelves that has depths of up to 1700ft.


Complaint Towers

This one consists of a flexible and narrow tower that is supported by piled foundation. It has a conventional deck that operates on both production and drilling. This sturdy unit can even sustain deflections and lateral forces in water from 1500-3000 ft. depth.



This are usually built on tanker hulls and are fitted with drilling devices. This is also used in deep water in case of experimental drilling. It has a dynamic positioning system that keeps the ship over the well.

Drill rigs are indeed of great use and offers numerous benefits. But of course, being able to know the different types and their specific uses and purposes will allow you to make the most out of such equipment. Thus, be sure that you know what you really need for a specific task before you decide to purchase or rent one.


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