What Are the Different Types of Fuel Tanks for Sale?

There are several different types of fuel tanks for sale in the market today. If your business is involved in the trading of high-value liquid, your enterprise requires you to have an adequate supply of petrochemical products, fuel, oil, or diesel, you need to have access to a durable and dependable fuel tank for that purpose. 

Metal Fuel Tank

What is a metal fuel tank? These are metal fuel containers that are welded together from aluminum or steel stamped sheets. You are likely to find them embedded in the vast majority of modern automobiles. 

The primary purpose for this particular type of liquid storage facility is to hold and transport liquid fuel to the engine itself, which it makes use of to propel or run the vehicle. This type of fuel tank help in limiting a vehicle’s fuel emissions, way better than any other automobile fuel tank technology. 

The aluminum or steel material itself is capable of trapping within the tank itself any harmful or noxious chemicals that the liquid itself might produce such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide.  

Plastic High-Density Polyethylene  (HDPE)

This type of plastic fuel tank is practically used in the majority of modern automobiles. Aside from the fact that they are much safer than metal fuel tanks, they also provide users with larger fuel capacities. 

HDPE tanks come in a variety of shapes and are highly flexible, too. Their seamless build and high level of flexibility of use increase their resistance against explosion or rupture in the event of a crash. This measure will help secure the safety of the driver and his passengers. 

You can have this flexible fuel tank mount directly mounted over your car’s rear axle. This way it can operate safely even if it is at a safe distance away from any possible threat of a high-impact crash. It can also withstand extremely high temperatures, much higher than 230 degrees F. Such an outstanding attribute will help keep your car from exploding if in case it catches fire. 

Due to its high level of flexibility, this particular type of fuel tank can be mass-produced at an even larger size compared to metal fuel tanks. The average fuel capacity of HDPE tank is between 15 to 28 gallons.  

Integral Fuel Tank

The practical use and application for this type of fuel tank can be seen in different aircraft structures. You will seal a specific aircraft are to be used exclusively for fuel storage. By theory, the integrated fuel tank can be installed anywhere on the aircraft. 

Normally, you will see integral fuel tanks installed on an aircraft’s wings. Thus, many fondly refer to them as wet wings and are helpful in making an aircraft become much more agile than others. 

Bladder Tank

This kind of fuel container comes in the shape of a supersized, reinforced rubber bag.  Usually installed in aircraft, too, this type of fuel tanks are normally installed in areas that can provide the weight of the fuel with some needed structural support. 

The bladder would be rolled up and installed. It can be secured by virtue of snaps or metal buttons. High performing and non-combat aircraft are making use of bladder fuel tank which allows them to use and store as much fuel as possible.  See also: fuel tanks price