Underground Fuel Tanks

Underground fuel tanks are ideal for businesses that must store fuel, but have limited space. Fuel tanks that are installed underground provides convenience in storing huge amounts of fuel. Industries that utilize underground fuel tanks include trucking fleets, fuel suppliers or gasoline stations, and other businesses that need to store fuel for up to 200,000 liters.

Ice Storage Tanks were installed at several locations on Dover Air Force Base. The tanks are part of a thermal energy storage system which will help reduce energy costs by $300,000 a year. (U.S. Air Force photo/Brianne Zimny)

However, underground fuel tanks are not all perfect, as they come with risks as well. Common problems include rust and corrosion, which are difficult to detect. This can lead to leakage of the fuel that may go undetected for a long period. Even the smallest leakage can cause huge damage and contamination to the environment, and is also prone to fire and other accidents. Clean up can be very costly. So, here are some tips to help you maintain and keep an underground fuel tank safe.


Follow Policies and Standards


If you are planning to install an underground fuel tank, make sure you meet the standards set by the authorities. Strict implementation of these standards ensure that underground fuel tanks are properly and safely installed. You should first consider the type of soil and water level of the ground before installation. A site with clay soils are not allowed to install underground fuel tanks, as clay accelerates corrosion. Sand is an inert material, which makes it ideal for underground fuel tank installation. Underground fuel tanks must be installed in an area with deeper groundwater level. It must not also be need any source of water.


Choose Bunded Tanks


Underground fuel tanks must bunded tanks that come in double walls, which offers more protection against any leakage and damage. Bunded tanks are typically made of steel. These tanks are built to last with the highest possible durability. If in case of any fuel leakage, the outer tank can hold the leakage in, preventing it from coming in contact with the immediate environment.


Regularly Monitoring


Regular monitoring of the underground tank is a crucial and necessary procedure. This is to prevent any problems, for example, detect leaks so that it can be inspected and examined, and then be addressed as soon as possible. A number of ways to monitor fuel tanks and detect leaks including ATG systems or automated tank gauging, stock inventory, and interstitial monitoring. Interstitial monitoring is the most advanced among these methods. It uses sensors that are installed between the walls of the tank.


Other Tips


Underground fuel tanks that are not used for six months must be taken out properly. Certain standards must be followed in doing this. Proper withdrawing of these tanks is extremely important to avoid soil contamination and other health risks. If you need help in installing and maintaining an underground fuel tank, contact your tank supplier, as they are the ones who know the appropriate storage system for your fuel tank.


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LED Lighting and Its Amazing Advantages

LED lighting has swept the modern lighting marketplace for many reasons. But some of the popular reasons for such would be their energy-efficiency, lesser energy consumption, and lower maintenance requirements. A few years from now, we can expect to see more benefits from these lights, along with more developments that can make our lives so much better.

The purchase of different lighting fixtures is fast increasing as lights can be both decorative and functional at the same time. Among them would be LED lights that are preferred by a lot of people due to the numerous benefits they have to offer. Some of them are as follows.



LED lighting uses an estimate of 50% less electricity compared to traditional incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent options. This results in substantial savings on energy cost, especially for areas with lights that are kept on for a long period of time. In addition, LEDs aim their light in a specific direction, unlike with conventional bulbs that emit heat and light in all directions. As a result of this directional lighting capability, wasted energy and light is reduces.


Extended Life

There will be no failure or burnt out when it comes to incandescent light, something that is often experienced when using incandescent lighting. Instead, they just dim through time. Quality LED light has an expected lifespan of up to 50, 000 hours or more, depending on the quality of a fixture or lamp. A standard incandescent bulb often lasts only for about 1, 000 hours, a compact fluorescent can last up to 10, 000 hours. Given its longer operational life, LED greatly reduce the cost of replacing bulbs. This allows users to achieve a lower maintenance light system.



Without any glass enclosure or filament, LEDs are resistant to breakage and they are immune to impacts and vibrations. Traditional lighting is often contained in a quartz or glass exterior, which could be prone to damage. On the other hand, LEDs do not use glass. Instead, they are simply mounted on a circuit board then connected with soldered leads that may be vulnerable to impact.


Instant On

Most HID lamps and fluorescent are not capable of providing full brightness as soon as they are switched on. Usually, they need at least three minutes or even more to reach their maximum lighting output. But for LEDs, they come on at 100% brightness instantly without re-strike delay. Such is very advantageous following a power outage or whenever employees open a building on early morning hours when it’s still dark outside.


Rapid Recycling

The traditional lighting source has the tendency to have a shorter lifespan when they are switched on and off. LEDs, on the other hand, are not affected by rapid cycling. Aside from the flashing light display, such capability makes LED lights well-suited for use.

At present, light could do so much more when it comes to brightening our paths. This can even lighten the impact on the environment, thus making the surroundings safer and secured. Moreover, light boosts productivity and comfort of indoor spaces. Having LED lights will make it possible to achieve all these things.


Features and Advantages of A CNC router for sale in Melbourne

A CNC router for sale in Melbourne has been making a name due to its numerous applications and advantages. The machine cuts in three directions at once. Its precision in cutting relies on the design software that provides a two-fold advantage to the router operator.


How it Works?

To start with, the CAD software provides the operator of the router machine the ability to make designs that will soon be cut into the solid plate.

When the operator has already created the design, he will be relying on the computer to send the proper operating instructions. These instructions from the software send signals to the router motor drive. These signals or known as tool path files will allow the motor controls to direct the precise motion of the router drive system.

Then the router bits will perform the cutting. These bits are like to that of drill bits. As mentioned, the cutting proceeds along with three different axes at once. The controls of the CNC cause the movements of the drill bits to happen in precise and small increments.

The cutting along its x-axis moves from front to back. On the other hand, the cutting along the y-axis moves from left to right. For the z-axis it moves up and down. This ability of the router to move in 3 different directions at once results to the creation of interesting shapes and patterns.


What are its Benefits?

Using a CNC cutting machine that is for sale in Melbourne will guarantee savings in time and money. The machine produces elaborately shaped products in just a short time. Aside from this, it eliminates the need for employees to stand at the router. This is basically a computer-controlled type of operation. The operator can just sit at his desk and direct the movement of the device that holds the router bits, while still having the control.


Its Growing Popularity

The benefits of a CNC router machine have been increasing steadily. There is also now an increased need for it when manufacturing prototypes. These prototypes are test versions of a product. These prototypes provide the manufacturer with a great way to detect those places where an error in the production may have occurred.

Moreover, the precision of this router makes it possible for the operator to detect the scale of any potential manufacturing error. The prototype can also be inspected by the computer and will send an alert to the operator about the precise degree of any expected changes in the routed product.

These precision benefits are magnified by the possibility for offline simulation of manufacturing processes. With no access to such precision, the manufacturer will not be able to utilize the creation of prototypes. Thanks to the router’s precision, the manufacturer would be able to use the prototype to plan the necessary strategies for an efficient full-scale production.

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The Different Types of Oil Drill Rigs for Sale in Australia

If you are in Australia and is looking for drill rigs for sale, there is no need to worry because finding one is easy. Especially if you have needs for oil drills, you can simple choose from the different types available. Oil drill rig is a structure that accommodates various equipment such as drill bits, pipe, derrick, and cables that are needed to extract petroleum down from the surface of the earth. This type of rig can either be land-based or offshore. Though the two locations bring large quantity of oil to the market, offshore drilling types of rigs have been more exposed to the public’s eye.


Types of Oil Drill Rigs for Sale in Australia


This is one of the most used movable drilling structure that have bottom supports. Its main deck area is being supported by open-truss legs. It is capable of drilling up to 350 ft. deep.

There are two different types of equipment that are used on jack-ups. One is cantilevered jack-up which has its drilling derrick positioned on an arm that extends out from the main deck. The other one is the slot-type or also known as keyway jack-up. This one has an opening into the drilling deck and the derrick is positioned on top f it. This unit can be jacked-up on another structure that is smaller in size.



This is also called as semi submersible drilling. The unit floats offshore on giant pontoons or hollow columns. It is then filled with water allowing it to submerge the rig to the predetermined depth.


Fixed Platforms

This is a kind of house drilling rig that opens new development wells. It can also house equipment and can even be connected to the ocean floor. The majority of this type can be found on continental shelves that has depths of up to 1700ft.


Complaint Towers

This one consists of a flexible and narrow tower that is supported by piled foundation. It has a conventional deck that operates on both production and drilling. This sturdy unit can even sustain deflections and lateral forces in water from 1500-3000 ft. depth.



This are usually built on tanker hulls and are fitted with drilling devices. This is also used in deep water in case of experimental drilling. It has a dynamic positioning system that keeps the ship over the well.

Drill rigs are indeed of great use and offers numerous benefits. But of course, being able to know the different types and their specific uses and purposes will allow you to make the most out of such equipment. Thus, be sure that you know what you really need for a specific task before you decide to purchase or rent one.


What to Require From Security Doors in Melbourne

Installing security doors in Melbourne is a good way to protect your home from unwanted pests and criminals, as well as improve its curb appeal. So it’s a project that merits your careful consideration, if you want to make the most out of it. If you need pointers on how you can approach that, consider the following. These are some of the most important markers that your doors should have so that you know that they are an investment that is worth your money.


A written guarantee that they meet industrial standards.

Security sliding doors in Australia must pass stringent tests before they can be classified as such. Any manufacturer or supplier that can be trusted will be able to provide you with a written guarantee that says that their doors comply with industrial standards. Make sure that you get one from your chosen door resource.


A comprehensive suite of after-sales solutions

Your doors should also come with a comprehensive host of services that you know you will be able to rely on, after they have been installed. For this reason, it is necessary that you choose a company that offers solutions that will grant you peace of mind, long after the project is done. For instance, if you will require some help with maintenance, your installer should be able to help.


A good warranty

Finally, check the terms of the warranty. Most security doors in Melbourne and other areas in the country come with two types of warranty: one for the moving components of the door, and the other for its structural integrity. Look into the fine print that comes with these two, because you would not want to encounter unpleasant surprises down the road.

If you have decided on a door, the next thing to do is to choose the best possible installer. From the get-go, your installer must be able to present proof that they can be trusted with the project, with a solid history of providing quality results. To find one, you can:


  • Ask friends and family for recommendations
  • Check consumer websites for the most trusted companies in your area

Once you have a candidate, run their credentials. When that checks out, schedule a consultation with them so that you can tell them about your specific requirements and goals. Ask as many questions as you need to so that you can ensure that you are not going to choose wrongly.


Reminders When Purchasing Plasma Cutters

CNC and hand-held plasma cutters are integral to the productivity and efficiency of many types of metal fabrication shops. In Australia, they are known to be significant to a wide range of applications, hence why they are common sights in several facilities. If you find that it’s time to have one at your workplace, you already know that there will be significant rewards for such a decision. But if you want to make sure that you can harness the best of that investment, mind these reminders.

Set down a budget

There are many options that you will find out there, and it will be all too easy to get lost among the choices when you do not have a comprehensive and solid reference upon which you will base your search. And one of the most important inclusions of that reference includes your set budget. This will not only save you from picking something that you may not be able to afford, it will also allow you to find the best possible model with all the features that you need for your requirements, at a price range that you are comfortable with.

List down your requirements

It is also necessary that you make sure that you get the specific plasma cutter model that best fits your requirements. Don’t worry if you have no idea about which model to get; all you need to do is list down the specifications that you will need the machine to meet. Among the most essential of these include: the type, size, and thickness of the material that you need to cut, the working setup that your applications will require, and the level of technical competence of your team. Also, you need to decide what type of CAD software you would need for the machine. Knowing all these will streamline the search process.

Choose a good supplier

Finally, see to it that you are getting your cutter from a reputable resource. An authorised supplier is one example. From such a company, you are sure to get a quality machine that comes with manufacturer-level rewards, such as a comprehensive warranty. You can also ask for personalised guidance, so that you end up selecting the right model for what you need. And if your team needs help in training, your supplier will also be able to provide you with the hands-on and theoretical information that you need to harness the full power of the machine.

Why Investing in Insulated Wall Panels is Worth It


insulated wall panels

Insulated wall panels are touted to be better alternatives to traditional construction materials, owing to the various advantages that they offer. Construction professionals and property owners are, thus, advised to try them out for their next projects and reap these benefits.


Energy efficiency. Structural insulated panels can reportedly save properties as much as 14% off their utility bills, as they are designed to be superior in energy efficiency. Some of these panels come with tongue-and-groove edges that make for a tighter fit, especially around the seams. Other panels typically feature joints with concealed fasteners. Additionally, they promote no thermal drift. And if they are used around the entire exterior area of a property, they provide a complete and energy-efficient thermal envelope. Continue reading “Why Investing in Insulated Wall Panels is Worth It”

Getting Max Value Out of Waterjet Cutters: Tips

Waterjet Cutters

Waterjet cutters are used in various types of facilities, for a wide range of reasons. As such, they are among the most important pieces of equipment for the full operational performance of many applications. And if you have one in your facility, you know that keeping it in optimal condition is integral to getting maximum value out of it.

How do you exactly do that? What should you focus on to make that happen? And how do you equip your facility for that? Consider these tips.

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Tips to Consider when you are Purchasing Drum Handling Equipment

Drums and barrels are a prerequisite in many industries such as those used in chemical production units. Since they are often heavy and contain many a hazardous substances stored in them, it is a given that the best drum handling equipment need to be bought by owners in all these places so as to safe handling of them by the workers.

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When Do You Need Trusted Machine Repairs?

machine repairs

Commissioning machine repairs are part and parcel of running a facility that features industrial equipment. As such, it is important for managers and technicians to make sure that when they schedule these solutions, they get only the best results. After all, repairs help keep machinery in optimal condition, as well as prevent the formation and escalation of issues that may get costly, over time.

Even so, some facilities still put off getting repairs or servicing. And one of the main reasons is that they do not know when to get these repairs. If you need guidance on when you should call an industrial machinery repair team such as Meng Solutions, look for these markers:

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